Contact Center Solutions Are a Bridge between Agents and Customers

It’s call center management’s job to ensure that agents have the right tools to service customers in a way that delights those customers. Without updated contact center solutions, extending


Building a Positive Contact Center Culture

There are other ways call center management can appreciate agents and build a positive environment: buy breakfast or lunch for employees now and then, or offer perks such as well-stocked break rooms.


Stop Viewing Contact Centers as Cost Sinkholes

The traditional contact center should be morphing into the foundation on which the entire customer experience can be built. A properly run facility with good call center management can pay for itself.


Improving Productivity and Efficiency in the Contact Center

Efficiency and productivity are the two most important elements of successful call center management. Neither will be easy to maintain: no red light flashes on when the quality of the customer experience begins taking a nosedive.


Essential Tools for Human Capital Management

In a recent article for Business News Daily, managing editor Nicole Fallon Taylor highlighted four of the most essential tools that companies building a human capital management department should have in place. Since the hiring process begins with recruiting, this is one of the tools no company can afford to be without. Manual methods of recruiting are often inconsistent and require too many manual tasks, making it impractical to operate effectively without a more automated solution, particularly for an organization that recruits a lot (think: call center).


Great Call Center Management Begins with Forecasting

The more precise call center management can get with its forecasts, the more benefits it can reap from a workforce management tool.


Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Costs with Workforce Management

One of the best benefits of workforce management is the elimination of unexpected call volume spikes, which cost companies customer goodwill and agent attrition. With a good schedule, abandon rates drop to the low single digits without the need to hire more agents.


Overcoming the Last Barriers to Cloud Contact Center Adoption

Even if call center management is sold on the idea of the cloud, there are some issues to examine before you buy.


Call Center Management: Get Customer Service Right on Social in 2017

Call center management is tasked with finding news ways to deliver better care to customers. In 2017, that means being present and active on social media channels.


The Expanding Contact Center Needs to Ensure its Core is Strong

It’s vital that the contact center be anchored in powerful core technologies that can help it share information and collaborate, manage the workforce and act as a liaison with departments such as marketing and sales. As data from all these sources pour in, contact center management must ensure the organization has the right analytics technologies to make sense of it all.